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Auction-time bidding in Search Ads 360 bid strategies

Advertiser-level warm-up for auction-time bidding

The auction-time bidding warm-up period is the period when Search Ads 360 passes Floodlight conversions to Google Ads prior to auction-time bidding being enabled. This warm-up period provides a smoother activation experience to auction-time bidding.

The warm-up period starts the first time that you apply auction-time bidding in Search Ads 360. It lasts for 7 days plus the length of your campaign’s conversion delay. 

If your campaign's conversion delay is 3 days, the warm-up period would be 10 days (7 days + 3 days).

Advertiser-level warm-up for auction-time bidding allows Search Ads 360 to bypass the standard campaign-level warm-up. Learn more about auction-time status.

A status message is displayed on the "Bid strategy" tab (between the performance graph and the reporting table) that indicates whether or not you are warmed up at the advertiser level. The message also indicates how many days remain until the bid strategy is warmed up for auction-time bidding. 

Here are examples of what the message might say:

  • "Auction-time bidding is currently in a warm-up. It will be activated in 10 days."
  • "Auction-time bidding warm-up is complete. Google Ads campaigns added to an auction-time bidding bid strategy won’t require an additional warm-up period."

After the initial warm-up period is complete for the advertiser, no additional warm-up is required for any campaigns that you enable for Search Ads 360 auction-time bidding. That is, when you turn on auction-time bidding for another bid strategy in the same advertiser, or you add a new campaign to an existing auction-time bid strategy, auction-time bidding will be enabled immediately, without a warm-up period.

If you have multiple campaigns warming up for the first time, upon advertiser-level warm-up being completed, all campaigns in warm-up will be enabled for auction time bidding. Note that changing an advertiser's default conversion goal does not trigger another advertiser-level warm-up period. Auction-time bidding remains active as long as at least one campaign in the advertiser's portfolio is using auction-time bidding.

After the advertiser has completed advertiser-level warmup for auction-time bidding, all campaigns in the advertiser activated for auction-time bidding will stop using intraday bidding and Google Ads will start controlling and setting bids for those campaigns.

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