Create a manual campaign

Create a text ad builder


To make an ad builder:

  1. In the left navigation panel, click Templates.
  2. Click the Ad builders tab.
  3. Click New▼ and select Text ad builder from the dropdown to open the editor.
  4. Enter your settings in each section in the editor. (Each section is described in greater depth in the sections below.)

Select ad groups

  1. Enter a name for the ad builder.
  2. Using the Engine dropdown, choose an engine to generate ads in.
  3. Optionally, select the checkbox to automatically update and publish ads when the ad builder or dynamic text changes.
  4. Select the engine and ad groups for your ad builder.

Create ad copy

Enter your ad copy in the available fields. See the examples at the bottom of the page for ideas about using business data.

Strongly recommended: Provide alternative ad copy to use if the generated ad copy is invalid. As an example, an alternate headline would be used if your formula generated a headline that was too long. You can provide alternative ad copy in one of two ways:

  • Manually, by clicking +Fallback and entering your alternative copy.
  • By pasting your entire ad in using the following syntax: "Headline1"
    [fallback] "Headline1.1"
    [fallback] "Headline1.2"
    [fallback] "Headline2.1"
    [fallback] "Headline2.2"

    [fallback] "Headline3.1"
    [fallback] "Headline3.2"

    [fallback] "Description1.1"

    [fallback] "Description2.1"

    "Destination URL"


Preview a subset of the ads your ad builder will generate. The preview window only shows a sample of the first 50 ads that will be created. To download a spreadsheet of up to 500,000 sample ads, click Download.

If you’re satisfied with your ad builder, click Save to save the draft ad builder. Note that it can take several hours for draft ads to appear.


Ads won’t be automatically generated, used, or appear in campaigns,  until you publish the ad builder and all of the ads. You can also publish a single ad. 

Learn more about publishing ad builders.

Using business data

This section provides examples of how to use business data with ad builders.

Setting Value Description
Headline1 [] sportswear Combines a business data attribute with static text to generate a headline like: “Acme sportswear”.
Headline2 Active [] Combines a business data attribute with static text to generate a headline like: “Active apparel”.
Description line 1 Perfect [lower(] Combines static text and a formula column that calculates the end of the sale to generate a description like: “Perfect fall fashion".
Ad destination URL Uses static text to display the same destination URL for all ads this ad builder generates.


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