Create budget plans

Create a budget bid strategy

Configure a budget plan
A budget bid strategy can only be configured in a budget plan. One budget strategy is created for a budget plan even though the settings can be different in each plan.
  1. Start creating a budget plan.
  2. On the "Explore target spend and compare estimates" page, select the Budget bid strategy checkbox.
  3. Click Continue.

    The "Budget automation settings" page appears. 

    The following settings aren't editable: "Budget bid strategy name", "Campaign daily budgets", and "Keywords and other biddable items".

    • The budget bid strategy is named after the budget group, with the Greek letter Δ  appended. 

    • The "Campaign daily budgets" and "Keywords and other biddable items" checkboxes are selected because a budget strategy must manage the budgets and bids to optimize spend.

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  4. Optional. If you selected a conversions or revenue goal, select the checkbox of any of the following bid adjustments:
    • Device bid adjustments
    • Remarketing target bid adjustments
    • Location target bid adjustments

    Although it's also possible to change the "Constraints" settings on this page, we recommend that you keep the default constraint settings because changing them can prevent the budget bid strategy from spending efficiently.

  5. Click Continue to go to the View pacing and allocations step.
To return to an earlier step, in the left navigation, click the step. 
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