Set up a budget bid strategy

Create a budget bid strategy

Configure a budget plan
A budget bid strategy can only be configured in a budget plan. One budget strategy is created for a budget plan even though the settings can be different in each plan.
  1. Start creating a budget plan with a conversions or revenue goal.
  2. On the Explore target spend and compare estimates page, select the Budget bid strategy check box.
  3. Click Continue.

    The Budget automation settings appear. 

    The following settings aren't editable.

    • The budget bid strategy is named after the budget group, with the Greek letter Δ  appended. 

    • The budget The "Campaign daily budgets" and "Keywords and other biddable items" check boxes are selected because a budget strategy must manage the budgets and bids to optimize spend.

    Learn more

  4. Optional. Select the check box of any of the following bid adjustments:
    • Device bid adjustments
    • Remarketing target bid adjustments
    • Location target bid adjustments
  5. Optional. Set constraints.
    1. Click + More constraints (Optional).
    2. Do any of the following:
      • Enter the minimum and maximum bids that you will allow the budget strategy to set. 

        A message warns you that the constraint could affect the efficiency of the budget strategy. 
        Click Use the recommended setting to allow Search Ads 360 to set a different amount that allows the budget strategy to spend efficiently.

      • Specify an efficiency constraint.
        Don't set this constraint because it can cause the budget bid strategy to overspend or underspend.

        Search Ads 360 shows the average efficiency for the last 30 days. If the goal for the budget is revenue (with a ROAS metric), select the Keep ROAS above check box and specify a percent.

        • If the goal for the budget is revenue (with an ERS metric), select the Keep ERS below check box and specify a percent.
        • If the goal for the budget is conversions, select the Keep CPA below check box and specify an amount.
    Only turn on the "Apply changes to these settings to all existing future plans for this group" switch if you are editing a budget bid strategy and you want the changes to apply to subsequent existing plans.  Learn more.
  6. Click Continue to go to the View pacing and allocations step.


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