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Upload historical metrics for Facebook/Instagram accounts

You can upload up to 2 years of performance metrics (such as clicks, impressions, and cost) and engagement metrics for Facebook and Instagram campaigns, ad groups, or ads that appear in Search Ads 360.

Before you start

  1. Since you can only upload historical metrics for items that already appear in Search Ads 360, be sure to record at least one conversion or import current metrics for each campaign, ad group, or ad in your social account.

    As reporting metrics become available, Search Ads 360 automatically creates campaigns, ad groups, and ads (either through importing performance and engagement metrics or click tracking). 
  2. Create an sFTP connection point for Facebook/Instagram.
    If you've already set up a connection point for Facebook/Instagram (either with or without a PMD), you can use the existing connection point.

    If you can't remember the username and password for the connection point, you can create a new sFTP connection point for uploading historical metrics.

How to upload historical metrics

  1. Sign into Facebook Ads Manager and create a report that contains up to 2 years of data.
    Make sure you include the dimensions and metrics listed in Create and schedule a report.
  2. Segment the report by day.

    In the performance metrics report that you upload, Search Ads 360 requires each row to contain metrics for a single day. That is, within a given row the Reporting Starts and Reporting Ends columns must specify the same date.

  3. Upload the report to your Search Ads 360 sFTP endpoint .
    Keep reports under 600MB or 100k rows. If you have larger reports, you'll need to break them into shorter time frames and upload each report separately.

The historical metrics will appear in Search Ads 360 within approximately 24 hours.

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