"Other engines" account

To report on unsupported engines before Search Ads 360 introduced engine track accounts, you needed to create an engine account of type "Other engines", and then create placeholder keywords in the engine account. While "other engines" accounts and placeholder keywords are still supported, it's recommended that you use an engine track account instead. 

Supported Search Ads 360 features in "Other engines" accounts

Campaigns you create under other engine accounts have the minimum set of features needed to track conversions. The available UI features are:

  • Campaigns: Name
  • Ad groups: Name
  • Keywords: Keyword and destination URL

The columns you can use in an upload file are:

  • Row type
  • Action
  • Campaign ID
  • Campaign
  • Ad group ID
  • Ad group
  • Keyword ID
  • Keyword
  • Keyword landing page
  • Keyword label

Campaigns for other engines have the same reporting features as campaigns for supported search engines, including customized columns, segments, filters, and labels. Learn more about how to analyze performance data.

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Create an "other engines" account in Search Ads 360.

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