About Microsoft Advertising geo-location targets

You can target your Microsoft Advertising campaigns and ad groups by specifying specific geographic locations around the world. If you want your ads to appear only in specific locations, you can select the city, province, or metropolitan area by specifying geo codes or postal codes and adjusting bids for the area. You can also use the geo codes and postal codes to exclude locations by city, province, country, city, metro code or postal code.

You can use geo codes to specify an entire country, specific regions within a country (such as a province or state), city, or US metro area. You can also target specific postal codes in the US.

Search Ads 360 doesn't report on Microsoft Advertising performance metrics for clicks on paid search ads by targeted geographic area.

Search Ads 360 can report on the general geographic area of customers who clicked ads in a geographic location of presence report. You create these reports, which are based on the geographic area types defined in Google Ads, when you dimension or segment a report by a geographic location type such as province, airport, or university.

You can use a location of presence report to see where customers are clicking your ads. Then, add location targets and set a bid adjustment to better target those areas where your ads are most successful. For example, you segment a report by city and province and discover that Chicago, Illinois and Ontario, CA have better than average ROI. To target the areas for additional ad spend,  you create location targets for them.


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