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Flag significant changes in clickthrough rate (CTR)

This collection of formula columns report on changes in clickthrough rates. You can include the columns at any scope. For example, scope to an advertiser and add the columns to the Campaigns tab. The CTR Flag will indicate which campaigns experienced more than a 3% change in clickthrough rate yesterday as compared to the previous day.

Formula name Formula Description
CTR yesterday CTR.for_date_range(yesterday()) Yesterday's clickthrough rate.
CTR day before yesterday CTR.for_date_range(yesterday(), days(-1)) Clickthrough rate for the day before yesterday.
CTR Flag % to_percent((c:"CTR yesterday"-c:"CTR day before yesterday")/c:"CTR day before yesterday" ) The percent change in clickthrough rate.
CTR Flag

    (c:"CTR Flag %" > 3%), 
    (c:"CTR Flag %" < -3%) 

Displays "True" if the clickthrough rate has changed more than 3%, otherwise displays "False".


If you scoped to an advertiser and added these columns to the Campaigns tab, you'd see something like the following:

c:"CTR yesterday" c:"CTR day before yesterday" c:"CTR Flag %" c:"CTR Flag"
4.21% 2.80% 50.53% True
3.33% 5.45% -38.89% True
7.14% 0.00% -- --
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