Bing Ads version 11 features in Search Ads 360

Recently, Bing Ads automatically migrated accounts to version 11. To see the changes in Search Ads 360, please sync your Bing Ads accounts.

For a complete list of supported and unsupported Bing Ads features in Search Ads 360, see the Bing Ads features article.

Supported Bing Ads version 11 features

Here's a list of the Bing Ads version 11 features and changes that are supported in Search Ads 360.

  • Location targets.  Set, view, and edit geographic location targets and bid adjustments on the Targets tab in campaigns and ad groups. The options for geographic location targets now include postal codes, in addition to countries, states, metropolitan areas, and cities. Note that you can still specify location targets when creating a campaign or ad group

    Related to the shift in location targets is a change in the way you specify a postal code as a location target in a bulksheet. If you want to target customers in a postal code, leave the Postal code column blank. Instead, specify the postal code as a location target

  • Campaign  and ad group properties:  Specify a bid adjustment to target desktops in campaigns and ad groups. Previously, only tablet and mobile bid adjustments were supported. 

Unsupported Bing Ads version 11 features

  • Campaign-level language setting




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