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Promote mobile apps

About promoting mobile apps in Search Ads 360

App extensions

If you've uploaded mobile apps to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, you can add app extensions to your Google Ads ads to drive installations of your apps. App extensions display an additional link in your Google Ads text ads. The link takes customers to the Google Play or Apple App Store page for your app. Here's an example app extension that displays "Download our app":
App extensions link to your app from a text ad.

"Mobile app installs" campaigns

"Mobile app installs" campaigns are no longer supported by Google Ads and you can no longer create or edit "mobile app installs" campaigns in Search Ads 360. If you try to create or edit one of these campaigns in Search Ads 360, Search Ads 360 will report a trafficking error.

Instead of "mobile app installs" campaigns, use App campaigns, which are more streamlined than "mobile app installs" campaigns. If you sign into Google Ads and create an App campaign, you can sync the campaign into Search Ads 360. Then you can use Search Ads 360 to report on the campaign

Reporting on "mobile app installs" campaigns in Search Ads 360

As of April 1, 2018, Search Ads 360 can no longer track new conversions promoted by existing app installs campaigns (neither for Android apps nor iOS apps), but you can still access these campaigns to see conversions that were recorded while Google Ads still supported these campaigns.

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