Social reporting in Campaign Manager

About social reporting in Campaign Manager

If you manage social campaigns through Search Ads 360 you can use Campaign Manager to report on search and display campaigns as well as social campaigns tracked by Search Ads 360.

To report on social campaigns tracked through Search Ads 360, you can do either of the following:

Search Ads 360 data is available in Report Builder and Campaign Manager Attribution reports as soon as it's available in Search Ads 360, with no additional wait time. You can include social data that reaches as far back as the onboarding of your social engine account in Search Ads 360.

Campaign Manager only shows the Paid Social metrics, channel, and report template if you've created a social engine account in Search Ads 360.

Special permissions required

To use Campaign Manager Report Builder to report on social metrics, your Google Account needs permission to access Campaign Manager Report Builder and your Campaign Manager user role needs to include permission to View Search Ads 360 Search data.

Google accounts with multiple user profiles in Campaign Manager are not supported in Search Ads 360.If your Google account has been granted multiple user profiles in Campaign Manager you won't be able to report on social metrics in Campaign Manager, even if your Campaign Manager profiles have the correct roles.

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