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Conversion volume is too low for a Search Ads 360 bid strategy

The Search Ads 360 bid strategy needs sufficient conversion volume to work effectively. A larger portfolio performs better because the bid strategy has more historical data available to optimize effectively towards the specified target.

When daily conversion volume is low, it’s more challenging to measure if a bid strategy portfolio is hitting the target over short time windows.

Bid strategies need at least 3 weeks of conversion data before they can optimize bids. Be sure that the majority of keywords or product groups in the portfolio has been driving traffic to your conversions for at least 3 weeks. In addition, you'll need more than 15 conversions per week for the bid strategy to be effective. If the conversions in your portfolio don't add up to at least 15 per week, try adding more campaigns or more conversions.

The requirement of more than 15 conversions per week doesn't apply to budget bid strategies if the budget bid strategy doesn't have an efficiency constraint (maximum CPA, maximum ERS, or minimum ROAS).

How to fix the issue

You can use bid strategy opportunities to identify campaigns that would benefit from a bid strategy.


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