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Yahoo! Gemini features in Search Ads 360

Last updated: April 7, 2022
Starting March 2022, Yahoo! Gemini engine accounts within Search Ads 360 will be migrated to engine track accounts. Learn more.

The following lists the Yahoo! Gemini  features that Search Ads 360 supports, unsupported features, and any available workarounds.

Supported Yahoo! Gemini features


  •  "Visit my website" campaigns that display ads on the Search on Native or only the Native network. See supported campaign settings.
    The "visit my website" campaigns that you create in Search Ads 360 can only contain text ads. These text ads can display on the Search on Native network. Check your campaign settings in Yahoo! Gemini to ensure that you're serving ads on the right network. Native ad attributes aren't supported.
  • Budgets: Daily or lifetime

Ad groups




  • Clicks, impressions, and other engine metrics in Search Ads 360 reports are expected to match keyword reports in Yahoo! Gemini. Search Ads 360 does not report on activity that results from other types of targeting, such as audience. Note that if a campaign targets only the Native network, keywords are not used for targeting, so Search Ads 360 will not show metrics for that campaign. 

Targeting and bid adjustments

  • Creating location targets and Nielsen Designated Marketing Area (DMA) targets and bid adjustments
  • Desktop, mobile, and tablet bid adjustments

Bid automation

Apply a bid strategy from campaign settings.

Unsupported Yahoo! Gemini features


  • Audience targets: Age, Gender, Interests
  • Download my app 
  • Day of week/hour targeting (ad schedule)
  • Know my brand
  • Budgets: Monthly budgets 

Ad groups

  • Audience targets: Age, Gender, Interests


  • App install ads
  • Yahoo! Mail ads
  • Native magazine ads
  • Native carousel ads

Learn more about Yahoo! Gemini ads in Yahoo! Gemini Help.

Ad Extensions

  • Sitelinks

URL management

  • Upgraded URLs: Search Ads 360 does not support creating keywords or ads with Yahoo! Gemini Upgraded URLs. If you sign into Yahoo! Gemini and create upgraded URLs (either by migrating or creating new keywords and ads), when you sync in the change, Search Ads 360 downgrades keywords back to non-upgraded URLs.

    Here's how Search Ads 360 downgrades keyword URLs:
    Any tracking template from the upgraded URL will be added to the keyword's landing page URL.
    For example:

    • Upgraded URL in Yahoo! Gemini:
      Tracking template: https://www.3rdpartytracker.com?source=GEMINI&adId={adId}&d={device}&lp={lpurl}
      Final URL: https://www.example.com
    • Downgraded URL in Search Ads 360:
      Landing page: https://www.3rdpartytracker.com?source=GEMINI&adId={adId}&d={device}&lp=https://www.example.com (Search Ads 360 replaces the URL macro in the tracking template with the final URL)

    Search Ads 360 ignores upgrades to other types of items such as ads. For example, if you upgrade an ad in Yahoo! Gemini and sync in the change, Search Ads 360 does not show the upgraded settings for the ad. Instead, the ad will appear as non-upgraded in Search Ads 360 and upgraded in Yahoo! Gemini.

  • Tracking templates: Search Ads 360 does not support Yahoo Gemini tracking templates, which depend on Upgraded URLs. Search Ads 360 does provide URL templates for Yahoo Gemini accounts, but these templates are not copied into Yahoo Gemini tracking templates. Instead, Search Ads 360 applies its URL templates to each keyword's landing page URL before trafficking the URL to Yahoo Gemini.

Targeting and bid adjustments

  • Removing location targets and Nielsen Designated Marketing Area (DMA) targets and changing bid adjustments


  • Impression share metrics

Next steps

Create a Yahoo Gemini engine account in Search Ads 360.

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