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See if keywords initiate or complete conversions

This collection of formula columns use attribution models to show if keywords (or campaigns, ads or other items) tend to initiate conversions or complete conversions. For example, you might expect your long-tail or generic keywords to initiate conversions and your brand keywords to complete them. But these columns make it possible to quickly see any variations in your expectations. 

The formulas assume you've created the following Floodlight columns:

  • ROAS [FIRST]: Reports on all Floodlight activities
  • ROAS [LAST]: 
  • Reports on all Floodlight activities
    • Metric: ROAS
    • Attribution model: Last click
Formula name Formula Description
Initiating ratio c:"ROAS [First]" / c:"ROAS [Last]" The ratio of "first-click" conversions to "last-click" conversions.
Initiating - Ending IF(
c:"Initiating ratio" > 1.2,"Initiating",c:"Initiating ratio" < 0.8,"Ending","Neutral")
Outputs an analysis of the Initiating ratio. 


If you scoped to an advertiser and added these columns to the Keywords Campaigns, Ad groups, or other tab, you'd see something like the following:

c:"ROAS [FIRST]" c:"ROAS [LAST]" c:"Initiating ratio" c:"Initiating - Ending"
65.54% 65.54% 1.0 Neutral
466.27% 388.55% 1.2 Initiating
30.48% 84.75% 0.4 Ending


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