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Report 7-day trend in conversion rates

This collection of formula columns report on the trend in Floodlight conversion rates at any scope. For example, scope to an advertiser and add the columns to the Campaigns tab. You can then see which campaigns experienced increased, flat, or decreased conversions over the past 7 days.

Formula name Formula Description
Conv. rate ( Actions + Trans ) / Clicks The total number of Floodlight conversions per click.
Conv. rate 30 c:"Conv. rate".for_date_range(last_30_days()) The conversion rate for the last 30 days.
Conv. rate 7 c:"Conv. rate".for_date_range(last_7_days()) The conversion rate for the last 7 days.
Conv. rate trend % to_percent((c:"Conv. rate 7"/c:"Conv. rate 30")-1) The change in conversion rate over the past 7 days, converted to a percent.
Conv. rate trend IF(
AND (c:"Conv. rate trend %" >10% ,
c:"Conv. rate trend %" < 30%),"Increasing",
c:"Conv. rate trend %" > 30%,"Strongly increasing",
AND ( c:"Conv. rate trend %" < -10%,
c:"Conv. rate trend %" > -30% ),"Decreasing",
c:"Conv. rate trend %" < -30%,"Strongly decreasing","Flat")
Outputs an analysis of the change in conversion rate. 


If you scoped to an advertiser and added these columns to the Campaigns tab, you'd see something like the following:

c:"Conv. rate 30" c:"Conv. rate 7" c:"Conv. rate trend %" c:"Conv. rate trend
12.18 14.07 15.53% Increasing
11.84 11.82 0.11% Flat
15.12 20.62 36.38% Strongly increasing
10.26 8.72 -17.61% Decreasing


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