Use your business data to manage campaigns

Advanced: Create and apply business data in a single bulksheet

Instead of using separate bulksheets to upload and apply business data, you can download an editable bulksheet and use that bulksheet to both create and apply business data:

  1. Navigate to the tab that contains engine accounts, campaigns, or other items you want to apply business data to.
    For example, navigate to an advertiser and click the Campaigns tab.

  2. Optionally use a filter to display only the items you want to apply business data to.
    For example, use a filter to display only active manual keyword campaigns with names that start with "US -"

  3. Add columns for all of the business data you want to upload:

    1. Click the Columns button, which appears above the performance summary graph.

    2. Under Available columns, click Business data.
      You'll see a list of columns from all of your business data tables, including the ID columns.

    3. Click + next to all columns from the business data tables you want to upload. 

      For example, to upload Dealership data, click + next to Dealership.ID column, along with all of the columns in the Dealership table, such as Dealership.Address and Dealership.Name.
      Click + next to the ID column for the type of data you want to apply.

    4. Click Apply.

  4. Click the download icon Download icon, which appears above the reporting table and make the following selections in the download panel:
    • Scope: Current scope
    • Columns: Editable columns (for re-upload)
    • Include types: Engine accounts, campaigns, or other items that you can apply business data to. For example, to apply business data to campaigns, select Campaigns.
    • Filters: Include rows with no impressions
  5. Click Download.

    Search Ads 360 generates the report and either downloads the file to your browser's download directory or sends an email, depending on the delivery option you selected.

    The downloaded bulksheet with Search Ads 360 items contains the following data:

    • One row for each engine account, campaign, or other item you selected in the download settings.
    • One column for editable settings, such as campaign name and status.
    • All of the business data columns you added to the reporting table, plus Effective columns.
  6. To add new business data:

    1. Add a row to the bulksheet.
    2. In the Row type column, enter c:table_name, where table_name is the name of the business data table you're adding data to.
    3. In the Action column, enter create.

    4. Enter information in all of the business data columns.
  7. To apply business data, enter the ID for a row of business data in the corresponding ID column.

For example, the following bulksheet contains two rows. The first row creates a business data hotel. The second row applies the hotel to a campaign.













Boston: Back Bay


campaign edit

Hooper's - Google





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