Use your business data to manage campaigns

Introduction to using business data in reports

After you apply business data to engine accounts, campaigns, and other items in Search Ads 360, you can do any of the following to create more intuitive reports that match your business organization:

  • Use the "Dimensions" tab to group reporting data by the business data you've defined.
    For example, if you've defined business data for hotels, hotel locations, and ratings, you can see the number of clicks, impressions, and conversions for each hotel, location, or hotel rating.

  • Segment reports to drill down and uncover subtleties.
    You can view reports that are segmented by any of the columns you've defined in your business data tables. For example, if you view the "Engine accounts" tab at the advertiser level and then segment by hotel, you can compare how much each engine account has contributed to the clicks, impressions, and conversions for each hotel.

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