Adjust device bids with a Search Ads 360 bid strategy

About Floodlight cross-environment conversions in Search Ads 360 bid strategies and conversion goals

Consider cross-environment conversions

In today's multi-device world, an increasing number of conversion funnels stretch across devices. Floodlight activities can show the total number of conversions a keyword contributed to—including those that start on one device and end on a different device. Search Ads 360 bid strategies can use those cross-device conversions to calculate the default bid and other bid adjustments that will most efficiently lead to conversions.

Conversion goals can use cross-environment conversions to set or recommend bid adjustments, adapt campaigns, and optimize spend.

For example, customers may be clicking a search ad on a mobile device, but then converting on a desktop computer. In this scenario, only cross-device conversions would show that the paid search ad on the mobile device leads to conversions. If you enable a bid strategy to use cross-environment conversions, the bid strategy can consider these cross-device conversions when determining how much to bid on mobile, desktop, and tablet ads. Then the bid strategy can recommend or automatically apply the optimal bid adjustment based on your conversion or revenue goals.

By default, new bid strategies and conversion goals will use cross-environment Floodlight conversions to optimize device, remarketing target, and location target bid adjustments.

You can include cross-environment conversions in existing bid strategies to use the data when setting or recommending bids.

You can't edit edit existing conversion goals to include cross-environment conversions. You can create a new goal that uses the same conversions and include cross-environment conversions. Learn more about how to create a new goal in features that support them.

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