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Create and report on Google Ads conversion trackers

About Google Ads conversion trackers in Search Ads 360

You can use Search Ads 360 to create and report on Google Ads conversion trackers that track conversions from the following sources:

  • Calls from ads using call extensions or call-only ads. See how effectively your ads with call extensions lead to phone calls.
  • Calls to a Google forwarding number on your website. See how effectively your ads lead to phone calls from your website.
  • Clicks on a number on your mobile website. See how effectively your ads lead to clicks on your business phone number on your mobile website.
  • Imports. Track offline conversions uploaded into Google Ads.
  • Websites. Track website conversions such as purchases, sign-ups, and page views.

If you prefer, you can create conversion trackers in Google Ads and then sync the trackers into Search Ads 360.

Google Ads conversion trackers can only attribute conversions to ads that were served by Google, while other conversion tracking solutions supported by Search Ads 360 can attribute conversions to ads served by many types of accounts.

Important details

Account-level trackers

Search Ads 360 creates account-level conversion trackers. If your Google Ads account is part of a manager account and you want to create cross-account trackers, sign into Google Ads and create the cross-account trackers there. When you sync your change, you'll see the cross-account trackers in Search Ads 360. 

You can't edit cross-account trackers from Search Ads 360, but you can report on them.

Changing the name of a conversion tracker in Google Ads

If you sign into Google Ads and change the name of a conversion tracker, be sure to sync the change into Search Ads 360. Once you rename a conversion tracker, Google Ads no longer sends data for the tracker under its old name, and Search Ads 360 will not have any information about the new name until you sync.

After you sync:

  • You'll see a new conversion tracker in Search Ads 360.
  • All of the metrics from before the name change will be attributed to the new tracker.
  • Any custom columns that referred to the old name will update automatically to refer to the new name.
  • The old conversion tracker appears in Search Ads 360 with the removed status.

Ready to get started?

To use Google Ads conversion trackers in Search Ads 360:

  1. Create a Google Ads conversion tracker.
  2. If you created the tracker to record conversions on your web site, install the tracker's tags on your site.
  3. Report on Google Ads conversions.

Select Google Ads conversion trackers in bid strategies

If the conversion trackers have collected about 60 days of performance metrics, you can use some of the Google Ads conversion trackers in Search Ads 360 bid strategies to automatically optimize bids and set or recommend bid adjustments in your Google Ads campaigns. 

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