Experiment with ad copy

View ad copy tests

  1. Navigate to an advertiser.

    Steps for navigating to an advertiser
    1. Click the navigation bar to display navigation options.

    2. In the "Agency" list, click on the agency that contains the advertiser. You can search for an agency by name or scroll through the list.

    3. In the "Advertiser" list, click on the advertiser.

    4. Click Apply or press the Enter key.

    Search Ads 360 displays the advertiser page, which contains data for all of the advertiser’s engine accounts.

  2. In the left navigation panel, click Ad copy tests.

    The list displays all running, cancelled, completed, or not started ad copy tests along with the settings for each test.

  3. Optional. Filter the list by the test status to display the tests that you want to review.
  4. Click a test to see the results.

Ad copy test columns

Column name Description
Name Displays the name of the ad copy tests.

Displays the status of the ad copy tests.

  • Running
  • Completed
  • Cancelled (Stopped)
  • Not started

If the test status is Not started, click the test to display the test results, and then stop the test.

Is significant

The Is significant column displays one of the following test results:

  • Undetermined indicates that the ad group has not yet reached the minimum number of impressions.
  • Significant indicates that that ad group has reached the minimum number of impressions and that there is a statistical difference in ad performance.
  • No indicates that ad group has reached the minimum number of impressions and that there isn't a significant difference in ad performance. The ads performed about the same.
  • Dashes (---) indicate that one or more of the ads don't have any data.
Goal Displays the selected goal or Floodlight activity that the ad group is optimizing toward.
Significance threshold Displays the selected statistical significance that an ad copy test should achieve. 
Start date Displays the date and time that an ad copy test started. 
End date Displays the date and time that the ad copy test was stopped or completed. The column displays --- (dashes) when the test is still running.


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