30 March 2015: What's new





Create a geographic location of presence report

If you want to know more about how your advertising performs in, for example, cities in the United States compared to prefectures in Japan, you can now use DS to create a geographic location of presence report. Learn more.


New features

Adjust bids by location for AdWords campaigns

Once you’ve reviewed the performance of your AdWords ads in a geographic location of presence report, you can create a single campaign with different max CPC adjustments for different countries, regions, cities, or zip codes. This enables you to maximize conversions by location, automatically increasing or decreasing keyword bids, without having to maintain separate campaigns. Learn more.


Attribution modeling for Google Analytics goals

When you create or edit your custom Google Analytics activities columns in DS, you can apply an alternate attribution model to the column to indicate how you want to distribute credit for conversions. The process for applying an attribution model to a Google Analytics activities column is similar to process used to apply an attribution model to a Floodlight activity or bid strategy. Learn more.


Updated features

Unified Device Targeting in Bing Ads accounts

Bing Ads has completed its final migration of campaigns to Unified Device Targeting. Now, all campaigns and ad groups target all device types. Similar to AdWords, the default bid you enter applies to desktop computers, and you can enter bid adjustments for mobile and tablet devices. 

As a first step in supporting this change, DS has removed the old campaign and ad group settings for specifying device targets. If you want to adjust bids for mobile or tablet devices, you need to sign in to Bing Ads and make changes there. It's important to run a sync in DS after you make your changes. While DS won't be able to display your bid adjustments, this will ensure DS will not change or erase any bid adjustments you make in Bing Ads.

Now that Bing Ads has finished its migration, we highly recommend that you sign in to Bing Ads and review the results. If you previously had multiple campaigns targeting the same keywords on different devices, you may now be competing against yourself for ad placement. Review the Unified Device Targeting FAQs for more information and recommended actions.

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