Set up Google Ads display campaigns

Set up reporting on Google Ads ads, placements, and other display targets

Once you create or sync a display campaign, Search Ads 360 can report on the campaign's keywords. To also set up Search Ads 360 to report on text and image ads, placements, audiences (interests and remarketing), and any other type of targeting item that can specify its own final URL and tracking template, create placeholder keywords in Search Ads 360.

You can report by ad and by placement, audience, or other display target. If you want to report at the ad level, you only need to create and map a placeholder keyword for each ad. If you want to report by placement, audience, or other display target, you will likely need to create more placeholder keywords because there are usually more of these items than there are ads.

Another option for managing all of your placeholder keywords for an advertiser is to use an “Other” type of engine account. You would follow the same steps noted above to create your placeholder keywords in the Other account, but you wouldn't need to pause the keywords.
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