Manage Google Ads sitelinks

Remove sitelinks from Google Ads campaigns and ad groups using a bulksheet

Note that Google Ads does not support completely removing sitelinks from an account. That is, you can remove sitelinks from ad groups and campaigns, and they will no longer appear in your ads. However, the removed sitelinks will remain within your account. You can apply them to campaigns or ad groups again at a later time or leave them unused.

To use a bulksheet to remove sitelinks from campaigns or ad groups:

  1. Navigate to a Google Ads engine account.

    Steps for navigating to an engine account
    1. In the left navigation panel, click All accounts.
      What if the left navigation pane isn't visible?

    2. Click the navigation bar to display navigation options.

    3. In the "Agency" list, click on the agency that contains the advertiser. You can search for an agency by name or scroll through the list.

    4. In the "Advertiser" list, click on the advertiser that contains the engine account.

    5. In the "Account" list, click on the engine account.

    6. Click Apply or press the Enter key.

    Search Ads 360 displays the engine account page.

  2. Click the Extensions tab and select Sitelinks.

  3. Optionally use a filter to display only the sitelinks you want to remove from campaigns or ad groups.

  4. Click the download icon Download icon, above the reporting table and make the following selections in the download panel: 
    • Columns: Editable columns (for re-upload).
    • Include types

      • Sitelinks
      • Campaigns and Ad groups
    • Change or keep the default settings for the other selections.
  5. Click Download.

    Search Ads 360 generates the report and either downloads the file to your browser's download directory or sends an email, depending on the delivery option you selected.

    If you selected to download a report and the report is very large, it may take a while for Search Ads 360 to generate the report. You can still use Search Ads 360 while the report is generating. A status bar indicates the progress of the report generation. When it's complete, a Download link appears in the status bar. Click the link to download the report.

  6. Find the extension IDs of the sitelinks you want to remove:
    1. Find the rows that specify sitelink in the Row type column.
    2. Look in the Extension ID column for each sitelink row.
      The column contains a numeric ID that Search Ads 360 generated for the sitelink.
  7. Remove the sitelink ID from campaigns or ad groups:
    1. Find rows that specify campaign or ad group in the Row type column.
    2. Remove the extension ID from the Sitelinks coIumn for each campaign or ad group row.
      Leave IDs in the Sitelinks column for any sitelinks you still want to use.
  8. Upload the file to Search Ads 360.


Here's an example bulksheet that contains a campaign, ad group, and sitelink. (The example displays only relevant columns. The bulksheet that you download will have many more columns.)

Row type Sitelink display text Sitelinks Extension ID
campaign   33700000031319700 | 33700000031319703  
ad group   (inherited)  
sitelink Yellow carrots   33700000031319703






To remove the "Yellow carrots" sitelink from the campaign and ad group, remove | 33700000031319703 from the campaign's Sitelinks column. Leave the other extension ID in the campaign's Sitelinks column if you still want to use it:

Row type Sitelink display text Sitelinks Extension ID
campaign   33700000031319700   
ad group   (inherited)  
sitelink Yellow carrots   33700000031319703
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