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Report on purchase details

Enable reporting on profit

Search Ads 360 can compute a rough measure of the profits you earn from each transaction. To do this, you'll need to update your Merchant Center feed with information about your cost for each of the products that you sell. Search Ads 360 will subtract the total cost from each of the products listed in a transaction from the total revenue from those same products.

To include data about the profitability of products in Search Ads 360 reports:

  1. Make sure the purchase detail variable in your Floodlight transaction tag specifies a value for each product's price.
  2. Add a custom attribute to your Merchant Center XML or TSV feed that reports your cost for each product:
    • Set the attribute name to cost_of_goods_sold.
    • Set the attribute type to float in an XML feed and decimal in a TSV feed.

    In an XML feed, the attribute should follow this pattern:
    <[prefix]:cost_of_goods_sold type="float">[value]</[prefix]:cost_of_goods_sold>

    In a TSV feed, the attribute definition in the header column should look like this:

  3. For each item in your feed, specify a value for the cost_of_goods_sold attribute

    Make sure the value is in the same currency as the price that you report from your Floodlight transaction tag.

For example, you can specify the wholesale cost of the product before tax, shipping, and advertising costs:

<c:cost_of_goods_sold type="float">55.0</c:cost_of_goods_sold>

or TSV:


When your Floodlight tags report the sale of a product, Search Ads 360 looks up the product's cost of goods sold from your Merchant Center account and makes the data available in Search Ads 360 reports. This makes it possible to report on profit from Search Ads 360 without including data about cost on your site.

For any product that doesn't specify both price and cost, the profit columns in Search Ads 360 display "--".

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