Gross profit from units sold column

Displays the gross profit for a given SKU over every transaction in which it appears.

Only available after you enable your inventory feed to report on profit.

Calculated as:
QUANTITY field * PRICE field - cost_of_goods_sold from the inventory feed

View this column

You can view this column on the Dimension tab after you select either a Products sold dimension, a Products sold segment, or both. The Products sold dimensions and segments are only available after you link your Merchant Center account with Search Ads 360.

  1. Navigate to an advertiser or lower scope.

  2. Click the Dimension▼ tab and select a dimension.
    For example, to view product performance organized by brand, select Brand sold.

  3. Click the Segment button and select a Products sold segment.
    For example, to view metrics for individual product IDs, select the Product ID segment.

  4. If the column doesn't automatically appear in the reporting table, do the following:

    1. Above the performance summary graph, click the Columns button.

    2. Under Available columns, navigate to Products and select the column.

    3. Click Apply.

You can use this and other purchase detail columns to automate campaign management. For example, you can add an automated rule to a keyword report that increases bids for any keyword that generates more than X dollars in cross-sell revenue. Learn more.
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