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Why are my Baidu Ads not displaying?

If your ads are not showing on Baidu, it may due to being disapproved by Baidu. When ads are disapproved, the Creative List Status field in Baidu appears as “Inappropriate Promotion”. Some common reasons for disapproval are listed below:

  • Your ad or landing page contains content that is disapproved, not in accordance with Chinese law, or deemed as copyright infringing.
    Modify your ad or landing page.

  • Your landing page is invalid or unviewable.
    Inspect and update your landing page.

  • Your Baidu account is suspected to be advertising for multiple advertisers.
    Ensure that each account is advertising for a single advertiser.

  • The landing page URL has low relevance to the ad copy.
    Modify your landing page URL to direct to pages relevant to the ad copy.

  • The ad copy contains other brands’ trademarks.
    Remove any trademarks that your brand does not own.

  • The ad contains symbols that are not allowed.
    Inspect the ad copy and remove any special symbols, full-width characters, or unnecessary punctuation.

  • The display URL is invalid.
    Ensure that your display URL is of a standard format and complete, for example:

  • Ad copy has low relevance to the landing page content.
    Adjust your ad copy to better match the content of your landing page.

  • Ads are duplicative.
    Avoid using identical ads or keywords across multiple accounts.

  • Ad copy is inappropriately written.
    Ensure that your ad copy reflects the intent of your campaign and is well-written and truthful.

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