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Create a line chart

  1. Create a report or open an existing report:

    1. From the top navigation bar in Search Ads 360, click Executive Reports.

    2. Click on a report title.

  2. Click Add chart below a page name and select Line chart.

  3. Select a time range in the chart editor.
    For example, select Last quarter.

    Note that relative time ranges, such as Last 7 days, start from the report's end date, which you can adjust as needed.

    You can also compare performance to past performance. For each metric in the chart, one line displays current performance and a second line displays past performance. Note that you can either compare current and past performance or segment the metrics, but you cannot do both in this type of chart.

  4. Specify the time interval of the horizontal axis.
    For example, in a chart that shows total clicks in a quarter, you can specify whether the horizontal axis is in a monthly, weekly, or daily interval. The shorter the interval, the denser the data.

  5. If you want the chart to display metrics only from specific campaigns, devices, or even keywords of a particular match type, add a filter to the chart.

  6. Select a metric and optionally add another metric. For example, select ROAS and add Cost.
    The name of the metric displays on the chart.

    To change the order of metrics on charts with multiple metrics, click the dots next to the metric name and drag the metric.
    Click and drag metrics.

  7. If you are not comparing performance to the past, you can optionally segment the metrics.
    The chart will contain one line for each segment. For example, if you segment by engine type, the chart contains one line for each type of engine account in the report scope.

  8. Optionally choose whether an axis starts at zero to emphasize the scale of change.
  9. Add a title to the chart.

  10. Click Save.

  11. Optionally click and drag the chart to a different location on the page.

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