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Use segments to provide more detail

Segments slice up the data in your report using criteria you specify. For example, in an annual revenue report, you can apply a monthly segment to see how each month contributed to the total annual revenue.

You can segment yearly data by month.

Segments are required for line charts, and for pie charts that are not comparing to past performance. They are optional for bar and table charts. If you are comparing to past performance, you cannot add segments to a pie chart, and you can only add one additional segment to other types of charts. This is to prevent reports from becoming too complicated.

To add a segment

  1. While creating or editing a chart, click +Add segment.

    The + Add segment button isn't available if two segments have already been selected.

  2. Click the arrow ▼ and select a segment.

    All segments are shown. To narrow the list, on the left side of the segments box, select a category such as Attribute or Business Data. Then, in the list on the right, select a segment from the list.

    You can segment by time or by other criteria such as engines, campaigns, or labels.

    If you select the Label segment, Search Ads 360 will display a Select button that enables you to choose the labels for segmentation in the chart. 

    Segment chart section of an executive report with Label segment selected and Select button displayed

    For example, if you want to display the Brand and Generic labels on the chart, choose the labels, and then click Apply.

    Add a segment

Note the following:
  • If you're creating a report that contains data across a large number of campaigns, advertisers, or agencies, Search Ads 360 displays only a preview of the data.

  • Segmented bar, mixed bar and line, or line charts do not include segments that have no data (metrics are zero). For example, if you segment by engine and the metrics for Yahoo! Japan are zero, Yahoo! Japan is not listed in the chart.

  • If segments result in a table with too many rows, you may receive a message indicating that some of the data can’t be displayed.
  • Microsoft Advertising sitelinks aren't included in executive reports that are segmented by sitelink. Only Google Ads sitelinks are included.

When segmenting or filtering a report by labels, the data preview does not match the downloaded data:

To remove a segment

While creating or editing a chart, click X next to the segment name. (X displays only if a segment can be removed.)

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