About Search Ads 360 bid strategies

How campaign budget affects Search Ads 360 bid strategies

A small campaign budget can prevent a Search Ads 360 bid strategy from fully optimizing your bids. For example, the bid strategy may not perform as well, or it may spend the budget unevenly over time.

Here are some things to look out for:

  • If your Search Ads 360 bid strategy is performing below expectations, check the campaign budget. You can try increasing the budget and see if it allows your bid strategy to optimize more freely, thus improving performance.

  • For Search Ads 360 bid strategies that have a monthly spend target, the campaign budget should exceed the target spend by a reasonable margin. Daily spend limits are not recommended, but if they’re used the limit should be high enough to allow for natural fluctuations in day-to-day spend. Because a bid strategy with a monthly spend target already has a mechanism for controlling spend, we recommend a relatively relaxed campaign budget so the bid strategy can optimize spend across the campaign.

  • Aggressive min/max bid limits and position constraints can also affect bid strategy performance, so be careful about those settings too.

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