Create and apply Search Ads 360 bid strategies

Boost low-performing keywords and product groups

Some low-performing, long-tail keywords or product groups don’t receive enough traffic to accurately predict performance. Without any intervention, these biddable items can get bids that are so low as to fall off the page and receive no traffic at all. Search Ads 360 bid strategies will automatically try to get at least a minimal amount of traffic for these keywords or product groups by setting a bid to give them a second chance to gain traffic.

For a biddable item that hasn't been clicked in the past 60 days, bids will be increased each day until the item is clicked if the bid strategy isn't budget constrained.

Formerly, if you wanted a Search Ads 360 bid strategy to boost low-performing keywords, you could select the Ensure keywords with low conversion ratios will get some traffic option when you created a bid strategy or edited bid strategy settings.


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