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Segment reports by Floodlight activity

Why aren't engine metrics segmented by Floodlight?

When you segment data by Floodlight activity, you get rows of the format Keyword/Floodlight activity, where for one keyword you’ll see as many rows as there are Floodlight activities. In this view, you’ll notice that columns with engine metrics (such as Clicks and Cost) display "--". This is because there’s no clear way to distribute engine metrics among Floodlight activities.

Segmented keyword report with Clicks and Cost columns showing ---.

The image above shows a keyword report segmented by Floodlight activity. The Clicks, Impr, and Cost columns display "---" because they show engine metrics, and there’s no clear way to distribute that data among Floodlight activities. On the other hand, the Trans column shows the number of transactions, which are reported by Floodlight and can be attributed individually to the correct Floodlight activities.

If you use Campaign Manager 360 Report Builder to view paid search data from Search Ads 360, you'll see the same segmentation restriction: metrics from search engines (such as clicks and cost) cannot be segmented by Floodlight activity because engine data is not attributed to a specific Floodlight activity.

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