About Microsoft Advertising campaign settings

 This article applies only to Microsoft Advertising accounts in the new Search Ads 360.

Adjust your campaign settings to help you tailor your campaign. The campaign settings you select will apply to all ads within the same campaign.

Setting Description References
Campaign name

Enter a name for your campaign. Choose a name that clearly describes your campaign's theme, so you can easily find it in your account.

Note: Campaign name isn't visible to your customers.

Campaign status

You can change the status of your campaign to one of the following: 

  • Enabled
  • Paused
  • Removed

Enter the amount you're willing to spend on a campaign each day. Note that the new Search Ads 360 does not use this setting to control your spend. Instead, the setting is posted to Microsoft Advertising, and Microsoft Advertising uses the setting to control spend. To apply a shared budget, click Apply from Shared library and select the shared budget you want to use.

To use automated bidding, do the following:

  1. Finish creating your campaign.
  2. Sign into the previous Search Ads 360.
  3. Sync the account.
  4. Create and apply a bid strategy to the campaign.

Until your bid strategies are migrated to the new Search Ads 360, you can only view bid strategies from the previous Search Ads 360. Learn more.

Check the What’s available tab in the Experience hub to stay current on available features, including bidding.

Bidding The default bid strategy is "Manual CPC", which allows you to set your own maximum cost-per-click (CPC) for your ads.  

By default, ads in Microsoft Advertising campaigns are eligible to display in the United States, Canada, and other countries, but you can choose specific locations for the ads to appear. 

Microsoft Advertising location targets that you create in the new Search Ads 360 apply to both of the following:

  • People in your targeted locations
  • People searching for or viewing pages about your targeted locations
To change these location target options, sign into Microsoft Advertising. Learn more in the Microsoft Advertising Help Center.
Use Microsoft Advertising location targeting

The language setting determines the countries or regions in which your campaign’s ads are eligible to appear.

Since Microsoft Advertising doesn’t translate your ads, it's recommended that you write ads in the languages your customers speak, and then use language targeting to make sure the right language appears to the right customers.

Learn about language targeting in Microsoft Advertising campaigns

This setting controls which conversion actions are reported in the "Conversions" column for your campaign. If you use Smart Bidding, your bid strategies will optimize for these conversions.

To override the account-level Include in "Conversions" settings and include different conversion actions for this campaign, select a single conversion action or a conversion action set.

Attribution model With this setting, you can quickly set different attribution models for one or more conversion actions without changing all models at the same time.  
Custom Variable Adjustment Create a custom variable adjustment that will apply to this campaign as well as similar campaigns. Learn more about custom variable adjustments
Campaign URL options

Choose the tracking URL option you want for your campaign:

  • Tracking template is the URL you want the ad click to go to for tracking. Learn more.
  • Custom parameters
Networks With this setting, you can expand your campaign's reach to include the Microsoft Audience Network (called "Microsoft Display Network" in the new Search Ads 360).  
Additional settings After you finish creating a campaign, the optional Dynamic Search Ads setting is available to help you optimize your campaign. Learn more about Dynamic Search Ads campaigns.

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