Create an "Other engines" account

To report on unsupported advertising platforms before the new Search Ads 360 introduced engine track accounts, you needed to create an "Other engines" client account, and then create placeholder keywords in the client account.

While "Other engines" accounts and placeholder keywords are still supported, it's recommended that you use an engine track account instead. 

Only a manager account or sub-manager account can create a client account in the new Search Ads 360.

Create an "Other engines" account

  1. Sign in to your new Search Ads 360.
  2. Navigate to a sub-manager account. Ensure it's the sub-manager account that will contain the "Other engines" account.
  3. On the page menu, click Settings
  4. In the sub-menu, click Sub-account settings.
  5. Above the table, click the plus button .
  6. In the drop-down, select Other engines.
  7. Add your "Other engines" account settings.
  8. Click Save.

The "Other engines" account appears in the client account table and is available under Accounts in the page menu.

"Other engines" account settings

Setting Description
Account name

Choose a name that will allow you to identify the account. Enter up to 100 characters.

If you have a naming convention in other systems (for example, Google Ads manager accounts or billing), using the same convention will help account matching (for auditing or billing purposes).

URL template

Use an account-level URL template to apply a third-party tracking URL or a common set of URL parameters to landing page URLs for all ads, keywords, and sitelinks in a client account.

URL templates are hierarchical. The template you create in a client account applies to all campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and sitelinks that don't already define their own template. Learn more about URL templates in the new Search Ads 360.

In accounts that use parallel tracking, URL parameters that appear in this field may not be sent to the landing page, depending on how you define them.
Currency Enter the currency code from the client account.
Time zone Enter the time zone from the client account.

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