Upload to multiple client accounts

You can upload a bulksheet to multiple client accounts. To use this feature, make sure that your bulksheet includes a “Customer ID” column indicating the IDs of the client accounts you want to update.


  1. Sign in to your new Search Ads 360.
  2. Navigate to a manager or sub-manager account.
  3. Click the Tools & Settings icon .
  4. Under “Bulk actions,” select Uploads.
  5. Click the plus icon .
  6. Select a source for your bulksheet:
    • To upload a file from your computer as a bulksheet, select Upload a file, then use the Select a file from your computer link to locate the file.
    • To select a Google sheet as your bulksheet, select Google sheets then click Link to an existing Google sheet to locate it. Make sure you've shared your Google Sheet with 242834847-0-account-staging@partnercontent.gserviceaccount.com. Learn how to Share files from Google Drive.
    • To use HTTPS, select HTTPS, then enter the Source URL and user credentials for the HTTPS endpoint.
    • To use sFTP, select sFTP, then enter the Source URL and user credentials for the sFTP endpoint.
  7. Select Multiple Accounts.
  8. Click Preview to view the possible results of the upload. If your bulksheet is very large, click Run in background. Search Ads 360 will notify you when the upload is complete.
  9. Click Apply to complete the upload.

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