How to get support

Available support for all Google Marketing Platform products

In-product help lets you find and read help content right in your product's interface. You can also use in-product help to contact support with questions and screenshots.

To open the in-product help pane, click Help in the the header. We provide links to articles that are commonly associated with the page you’re viewing, and you can also perform your own search of help content by entering a keyword or question in the search box. Your search results are five popular articles that match your question or keywords.

Click an article title to read the content in your help pane. To return from an article and check your other search results, click the arrow at the upper left of the pane. You can also scroll to the bottom of the article and click Open in a new window to read the article in a new tab.

You can drag the in-product help pane anywhere on the page so it's easier to follow steps in an article while using the product.

If you'd like to go directly to the help center, click Browse all articles in the lower left of the pane.

Contact support

If there's an issue you can't address with online help resources, contact our customer support team.

Support mediums available by Google Marketing Platform product


Product Live-chat support Email support
Platform Home Yes, in product Yes, in product
Advertising products
Display & Video 360 Yes, in product Yes, in product
Search Ads 360 Yes, in product Yes, in product
Campaign Manager Yes, in product Yes, in product
Studio Yes, in product Yes, in product
Audience Center No Yes (email alias)
Analytics products*
Analytics 360 Yes, in product Yes, in product
Optimize 360 No Yes, in product
Tag Manager 360 No Yes, in product
Attribution 360 (beta) No Yes, in product
Surveys 360 No Yes (form)
Data Studio (360 user)+ No Yes, in product (for Analytics connector)


* In-product support for standard Analytics products is based on your Ads customer status.

+ If your email has access to a 360-enabled organization billed directly by Google (includes Sales Partner Organizations).

Live chat

During weekdays, the best way to contact customer support is via live chat:

  1. Click Help in the header.
  2. Under Contact us, click Live chat.
  3. Describe your issue and click Submit. A troubleshooting specialist will respond shortly.

You can also start a live chat from the Help Center of any Google Marketing Platform product:

  1. Click Contact us in the upper-right corner of any help-center page.
  2. Pick the category of your issue, and then select Chat.
  3. Fill out the short form and click Submit. A troubleshooting specialist will respond shortly.

Eligibility: Support is available only to Certified Google Partners and for customers that purchase Google Marketing Platform Advertising or Analytics 360 products directly from Google.

Chat support availability

Make sure that you’re using the product in the language in which you’d like to get support so that you will be connected with the right troubleshooting specialist. If you're experiencing a problem on a weekend, or if you prefer email, send an email as described below.

Platform Home

Region Supported languages Availability
Americas English, Portuguese, Spanish 9am - 8pm ET
Europe, Middle East, Africa 9am - 5pm GMT
Asia 10am - 6pm JST


Advertising products

  Display & Video 360 Search Ads 360 Campaign Manager Studio Audience Center
English 24 hours a day N/A

9am - 12pm SGT

1pm - 6pm SGT

French 10am - 7pm GMT +1
German 10am - 7pm GMT +1
Italian 10am - 7pm GMT +1

11am - 1pm JST

2pm - 5pm JST

Portuguese 9am - 6pm BRT

9am - 9pm ART

9am - 11pm GMT

Russian 11am - 8pm MSK


Analytics products

  Analytics Surveys Tag Manager, Optimize, Data Studio, Attribution (Beta)
English, Portuguese, Spanish


9am - 8pm ET

Europe, Middle East, Africa:

9am - 5pm GMT


10am - 6pm JST

24/5 N/A


10am - 6pm JST



Send an email to support

  1. Click Help in the header.
  2. Under Contact us, click Email.
  3. Fill out the form that appears. Be sure to check the box that includes a screenshot of your current page. To highlight important areas of your screenshot, click Highlight and drag your cursor over the relevant areas. You can highlight as many areas as you like. To remove highlighting from an area, hold your cursor over the area and click the X in the upper-right corner.
For help with Google Ads, visit the Google Ads help center.
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