Dynamic creative remarketing

Set up your campaign in Campaign Manager 360 or Display & Video 360

Create a remarketing campaign in Campaign Manager 360 or Display & Video 360

To get started, create an audience list in Campaign Manager 360 or Display & Video 360 and set up a targeting strategy linked with the website where you sell your products or services. Without a targeting strategy, users will get targeted with dynamic remarketing creatives even though they haven't taken any action on the actual website, resulting in either default content from the default rows of your feed, or default ads to be shown.

Dynamic remarketing supports cross-device and same device targeting. For cross-device targeting, line items should target all devices to ensure optimal performance and reach. For same device targeting, follow these best practices as you set up your line items.

Best practices

1. Use the same lifespan for audience list and cookie

The lifespan of the audience list should be the same as the lifespan of the cookie associated with the custom variable used for remarketing (set up in your Studio remarketing attribute). For example, if you're targeting users with product information for 30 days, the audience list should not be older than 30 days. However, you can set up additional line items to target different time periods, (for example, 7 days, 14 days, or 30 days).

2. Set up your remarketing attribute as early as possible

Google Marketing Platform will only start collecting remarketing information after the remarketing attribute has been set up, so do this as early as possible. For example, if you want to use an audience list with a lifespan of 30 days, but you only set up the remarketing attribute 7 days before the start of the campaign, cookie information won't be available for the first 23 days of the campaign (assuming they haven't converted on the site in the meantime).
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