Dynamic creative remarketing

Test live remarketing tags

After the creative has been tested based on features and format, it is approved and sent to the assigned Campaign Manager 360 advertiser. Before the campaign is live, the Media Agency should test with live tags.

Impressions will be recorded for live campaigns during live tag testing. To make sure these impressions are not included in reports, set a testing start date for the placement in Campaign Manager 360.

How to test with Campaign Manager 360 tags

  1. Assign the dynamic remarketing creative to your ads with assigned placements.
  2. Download the HTML version of the tag.
  3. Open Easy Tag in a web browser and paste in your tag.
  4. Go to product pages on the website or any page where the Floodlight tag's custom variable is passing values from the feed.
  5. Check the creative preview in Easy Tag. It should show the information from the feed with the value you're testing.

How to test directly in Display & Video 360

After creatives are synced from Campaign Manager 360 to Display & Video 360, there's no need to pull live tags.

  1. Go to the product pages on the advertiser's website or wherever the custom variable is firing with values from the feed.
  2. Go to Display & Video 360 and preview the creative. Learn how to preview creatives in Display & Video 360
  3. The preview window displays information from the feed with the value you're testing.

Test 3 to 5 values from the advertiser's site to make sure everything is working correctly.

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