QA Helper extension for Chrome

Install the QA Helper extension for Chrome

Once installed, the Studio QA Helper extension will automatically open when you're viewing a creative in Studio's Preview step. The extension provides a clickable checklist that lets you keep track of completed tests and share a report of creative issues found during QA testing.

Who is the QA Helper for?

  • Developers can use the QA Helper to test creatives before submitting to QA.
  • QA Testers or Account administrators can use the QA Helper to perform QA checks prior to approval or disapproval.
The QA Helper isn't available in Studio's QA tab. If you're performing QA, you'll still need to approve or reject creatives in the Studio's QA tab.

Use the QA Helper

  1. Click a creative feature to start testing. For example, click "Backup Image" to test the creative's backup image.
  2. Read the instructions on what to look for in the creative. If the creative is working correctly, click PASS. If the creative is not working correctly, click FAIL. If the test does not apply to your creative, click SKIP.
  3. Some creative features include multiple tests. When there are multiple tests, you'll see a progress bar below the test. To go to the next test, click NEXT QA progress bar and next button.
  4. Open the next creative feature to test and repeat steps 2 and 3 above.
  5. When you've marked a response for each feature in your creative, view the full QA summary

View and copy the QA summary report

  1. Click More  > Summary report. The summary includes failed tests, with suggestions for how to fix the creative, and a list of unmarked tests.
  2. To copy the full report to your clipboard, click Copy , then paste the full report into an email or other document to share.

Test another creative in the same campaign

Most campaign previews include multiple creatives. When you've finished testing a creative, you can select another creative to test using the QA Helper menu.

Click More  > Change creative, then select the creative name. The preview for that creative will load in Studio and you can begin testing.

Reset the QA Helper

To reset all of the marked tests for a creative and start over, click More  > Reset.


The QA Helper doesn't currently support the following creative types:

  • Creatives built from Layouts
  • Lightbox creatives
  • VPAID creatives
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