Dynamic creative remarketing

Create remarketing attributes

To send Floodlight tag values to your creative, create a remarketing attribute for each custom variable you'll use. Remarketing attributes act as link from Campaign Manager 360 to Studio and a place to store attribute settings. For example, how many values each cookie can store, and how long.

Note: The cookie pool for your dynamic creative only begins to build after you set up your remarketing attributes.

When you associate more than one Studio advertiser to the same Campaign Manager 360 advertiser, the same Floodlight values are available to each Studio advertiser.


  • You can create up to 5 remarketing attributes per advertiser.
  • If you use one Studio advertiser to send creatives to more than one Campaign Manager 360 advertiser by making and breaking associations, don't use remarketing attributes. Attributes are tied to a single Campaign Manager 360 advertiser and you can no longer edit or use them after breaking the association.
  • You can only select Floodlight values from the Campaign Manager 360 advertiser that is associated with your Studio account. If the Campaign Manager 360 advertiser has a parent Floodlight configuration, you can select values from the parent. Learn more about making associations
  • It's not possible to create your own remarketing attributes based on specific activities (for example, filtering on category or type). Attributes created in Studio collect values for the entire Floodlight configuration.

If the Remarketing Attributes tab is not available in your Studio dynamic profile, or if you need attributes that don't meet these limitations, contact the Google Marketing Platform support team to create remarketing attributes for you.

Add a remarketing attribute

You can add up to 5 remarketing attributes per advertiser.

  1. In Studio, click Dynamic Content and select your advertiser.
  2. Click Remarketing Attributes.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Enter an attribute name without spaces. You can use underscores instead. For example, u4_departurecity.
  5. Select your Custom variable from the Floodlight configuration. For example, u1: productID.
  6. Enter the number of values, value life span, and a description of the new attribute.
  7. Click Save.

After you've created remarketing attributes, continue to Step 3: Manage Rules. Click Manage, then select the attributes you created above in the "Auto-filter" column for the feed's remarketing value.

Edit a remarketing attribute

  1. In Studio, click Dynamic Content and select your advertiser.
  2. Click Remarketing Attributes. You'll find a list of existing attributes.
  3. Click the name of an attribute to edit.
If you break the association with your Campaign Manager 360 advertiser, you won't be able to edit existing remarketing attributes.

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