Assign, remove, and replace assets

Use assets in a creative

You can use the same asset for multiple creatives used by a particular advertiser.

To use an asset in a creative:

  1. Navigate to the Creatives tab and select the creative you want.

  2. Click Add and select the asset you want to assign to that creative.

  3. Load Asset Library assets into the creative just like any other file, since they exist in the same root folder as your creative. In the example below, filename.png is the name of the asset stored in Asset Library.

    <img id="myImage" src="filename.png" title="My Image Asset">

    #myImage { background: url('filename.png') no-repeat }

    When uploaded to Studio, file names are prepended with a unique identifier. When loading assets with JavaScript, use the getUrl method to retrieve the actual hosted file URL from Asset Library.
    var myImage = document.getElementById('myimage');
    myImage.src = Enabler.getUrl('filename.png');

    // OR"url('"+ Enabler.getUrl("filename.png")+"')";

  4. When using Google Web Designer, you can sign in to your Studio account in the Library panel and drag and drop assets directly into your creative. Learn more

Alternatively you can click upload to upload your files and assets directly into a creative. From there the assets get copied over to the Asset Library and are available for use across other campaigns.

Remove assets

To remove assets from your folders, select the checkbox to the left of the asset name and click Remove.

You can't remove assets from Studio-created Creative folders.

Replace assets

Asset Library automatically replaces existing assets when you upload files with the same name and size. You can also replace multiple assets at the same time. If the asset is used in multiple creatives, that is, it has multiple associations, the asset will also be replaced in all creatives that also have the asset.

  • Assets that do not have an association:

    • The asset will only be overwritten in that folder.
    • If the same asset exists in another folder, it will not be overwritten elsewhere.
  • Assets that do have an association:

    • The assets will be overwritten either across selected creatives or all creatives.

In order for the new assets to be reflected in a live campaign, the creative needs to be sent to QA again and retrafficked.

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