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Reporting on multiple feeds

Dynamic creative

As a refresher, a typical use case for using multiple feeds is that you are using different strategies to control different elements in your ad. For example, you are geo-targeting the headline, product image, and exit URL in one feed and testing CTAs in a separate feed. When a single dynamic profile contains multiple feeds, there are some additional reporting considerations. 

Expected reporting behavior

When multiple feeds are used in a single profile, each unique feed is called separately and receives an impression/click per actual impression. If you run a report on your dynamic creative without taking this into consideration, your Dynamic Element Impressions and Clicks will be duplicated as many times as you have feeds.

For example, take a look at this sample feed. There are two feeds (or tabs in the spreadsheet), called Main and Exit URL, and they are both used by a single dynamic profile. When you run a report without a Dynamic Element filter, the output will look like this:

Dynamic Element Dynamic Element Value ID Dynamic Element Impressions
Main 1 10
Main 2 10
Main 3 10
Main 4 10
Exit URL 1 10
Exit URL 2 20
Exit URL 3 10
Grand Total   80

Each of the Dynamic Elements, Main and Exit URL, has a total of 40 Dynamic Element Impressions, so the grand total is 80. However, your dynamic creative has received 40 total Dynamic Element Impressions, not 80, because each of the feeds received an impression for every actual impression. 

This behavior also applies to when you use both profile fields and a feed in your dynamic campaign. You'll see duplicate impressions for the profile fields and the feed in the report.
Reporting best practices

Best Practice #1: Feed setup

If you decide to use multiple feeds in a single profile, make sure that content from each feed is used by the creative on every single impression. Do not create separate feeds for each creative size as this will distort your report output. Instead, setup your feed with multiple creative sizes like this example.

Best Practice #2: How to run your report

In order to avoid this duplication of impressions/clicks, you should include Dynamic Element as a filter in the report. You can then select a single feed to review at a time. The output would show an accurate picture of impressions/clicks, like this:

Dynamic Element Dynamic Element Value ID Dynamic Element Impressions
Main 1 10
Main 2 10
Main 3 10
Main 4 10
Grand Total   40

Now, you can see your dynamic creative received a total of 40 Dynamic Element Impressions. 

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