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Learn the Studio Web UI

Use the QA tab

The QA tab is a dashboard for reviewing each creative in a campaign. Use the QA tab to make sure your creatives look pixel-perfect and all interactions are properly tracked before your campaign goes live. Creatives must be approved before they can be pushed to the creative library in an associated DCM advertiser.

To access the QA tab, you need the appropriate user permission "Approve creative" for the advertiser who owns the campaign. Learn more about user permissions

To open the QA tab:

  1. Open DoubleClick Studio and click QA in the top menu.
  2. Find and click your campaign name in the list of available campaigns.
The QA console

In the QA console, you can see account information, approve or reject completed creatives, and either Notify or Notify and submit once you approve or reject the creative. The Notify option allows you to send an email to a list of approvers letting them know that QA testing is complete, but does not push the creatives to DCM. The Notify and submit option notifies approvers and pushes creatives to DCM at the same time.

a screenshot of the QA tab with a creative ready for approval or rejection
Creative details

To view details about the creative, including the name, type, and dimensions, click Show details Show details, then click Creative details.

Review creative events

The Event summary logs the standard and custom events the developer added to the creative files. As you interact with the creative, the events are counted in real time. To hide or show different event types, use the "Type" and "Show" options.

Type options:

  • All: List all events.
  • Custom: List only custom events added by the creative developer.
  • Standard: List Studio standard events, which are automatically added to the creative.

Find out which events have been triggered or not in your preview using the buttons next to "Show". Triggered events are counted when a video plays or when you interact with the creative in the preview window.

Show options:

  • All: List all events.
  • Triggered: List only events that have been triggered while interacting with the preview.
  • Untriggered: List events in the creative code that haven't been triggered in the preview.

Events will display in the event log in the bottom panel of the output console as you click the creative.

a screenshot of the QA tab showing the Event summary pane
Preview URLs

As an alternative to testing the creatives in Studio, you can QA the creative by emailing yourself the Preview URL. To do so, go to the Creatives tab, click on Campaigns, then click on the Email preview link drop-down box and enter the necessary information. This way, you can view the Preview URL across all OS/browsers without having to sign in to Studio each time. However, you can't approve or reject a creative using a Preview URL.

a screenshot showing the Email preview link box on the QA tab
Display properties

To change how the creative is positioned and displayed, click Display properties.

a screenshot of the QA tab showing the Display properties pane
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