Schedule automatic feed updates

If you know one of your dynamic feeds will be updated regularly, you can schedule Studio to automatically re-transform and publish it. You can schedule Google Sheets, XML, and CSV feeds to update up to 6 times a day.

Let's say the advertiser has an XML feed hosted remotely on one of their servers. You can schedule automatic feed updates so that you won't have to copy the feed into a Google Sheet, re-transform it in Studio, and then update it every time there's a change to the advertiser's product list.

Schedule automatic updates

  1. After you build your profile and publish your feed, go to Step 2: Manage data in the Dynamic Content workflow.

  2. In the "Transformed content" column of the Feeds table, click the feed you want to schedule.

  3. In the "Schedule updates" section at the bottom of the transformed content screen, click the on/off slider so that it displays On. If you don't see the "Schedule updates" section, first publish the feed or contact customer support to make sure this feature is enabled for your account.

  4. Enter the feed URL in the Data source field. This should match the URL of the feed you provided in Step 2: Manage Data. URLs can begin with "http://", "https://", or "ftp://". If your feed requires sign-in, do not include the username and password in the data source URL. Instead, enter them in the next step.

  5. If the data source requires a username and password, enter them in the provided fields.

  6. Select the frequency of feed updates, from 1–6 times per day:

    • 1 time: Once every 24 hours.
    • 2 times: Once every 12 hours.
    • 3 times: Once every 8 hours.
    • 4 times: Once every 6 hours.
    • 6 times: Once every 4 hours.
  7. If you select 1 time per day, you can also select what time to start the update. This option is not available if the feed will update more than once per day. Select both the hour of day and the appropriate time zone.

  8. Click Save.

The History tab will display the most recent status of the feed after it has been fetched.


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