Lightbox ads guide

Lightbox ads overview

Lightbox ads are an opportunity for you to reach, delight, and engage with new audiences through a rich, interactive format on the Google Display Network. You pay only when viewers engage with your brand's message. Upon engagement, the ad itself can be a large canvas that you use to promote your brand's message, whether the canvas is a video carousel, interactive game, or catalog.

AdWords vs. DoubleClick Studio

Your Lightbox ad can be built in either AdWords or DoubleClick Studio.

Self-service production in AdWords using Ready Ad Gallery

The AdWords Ready Ad Gallery features pre-built display ad templates you can easily customize based on your campaign’s goals. Ready Ad Gallery is accessible to all advertisers at no additional cost and is available as a part of the AdWords campaign workflow in the AdWords Interface. Visit the AdWords Rich Media site for more details.

Lightbox Ads in DoubleClick Studio

DoubleClick Studio allows you to build more complex creative executions in Lightbox Ads, and can include multiple levels of content in one placement.

Availability of Lightbox ad types may vary, depending on your level of support. Please contact your account team for more details.

Custom Lightbox ads

Custom Lightbox ads are third-party served HTML5 Lightbox ads that are fully developed by creative agencies, according to AdWords specs. This ad format must be hosted in DoubleClick Studio, trafficked from DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM), and implemented in AdWords.

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