VPAID format

VPAID Reporting

After a VPAID linear creative has run on a publisher's site, you can view its reporting metrics in Reporting.

Reporting offers the full range of available VPAID metrics (VAST + Rich Media) in one line item.  VPAID is a hybrid creative type so it can include reporting from both In-Stream and Rich Media formats.

For more information, see:

Metrics for VPAID creatives

VAST metrics
  • Impressions
  • Clicks recorded
  • Video companion clicks
  • Video plays
  • Video first quartiles
  • Video midpoints
  • Video third quartiles
  • Video completes
  • Video mutes
  • Video pauses
  • Video full-screen
Rich Media metrics
  • Average display time
  • Average interaction time
  • Average time
  • Code serves
  • Counters
  • Exits
  • Interaction rate
  • Interactive impressions
  • Rich Media clicks
  • Rich Media impressions
  • Timers
  • Total display time
  • Total interaction time
  • Total interactions
  • Video average view time
  • Video interaction rate
  • Video interactions
  • Video replays
  • Video stops
  • Video unmutes
  • Video view rate
  • Video views
Custom metrics
  • Exits
  • Counters
  • Timers
Studio Video component

Each separately tracked video can have its own set of custom tracking.

  • [video_name]:Play: Counters
  • [video_name]:MidPoint: Counters
  • [video_name]:Complete: Counters
  • [video_name]:ViewTime: Average Time
  • [video_name]:ViewTime: Timers
  • [video_name]:Interaction: Counters
  • [video_name]:Pause: Counters
  • [video_name]:Stop: Counters
  • [video_name]:Mute: Counters
  • [video_name]:Unmute: Counters
  • [video_name]:Replay: Counters
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