Dynamic reporting overview

Dynamic creative reporting provides the ability to view how each unique dynamic creative iteration (i.e. row in the feed) is performing against one another. Dynamic creative reporting is available through DCM Report Builder.

Instead of just using the Creative ID dimension, as you would for Standard Rich Media creatives, dynamic creative reporting uses additional dimensions to pull creative information from each row in the feed. Dynamic creative reporting automatically includes the following columns from the feed as dimensions:

  • Unique ID (In Report Builder, this dimension is called Dynamic Element Value ID)
  • Reporting label (In Report Builder, this dimension is called Dynamic Element Value)

In addition, you can select up to 6 additional reporting dimensions in your Studio dynamic profile's Reporting Dimensions.

Dynamic creative reporting can also pull in most Rich Media reporting dimensions and metrics, including impressions, clicks, and conversions. Review the full list of available dimensions and metrics for dynamic creatives.

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