HTML5 banner build guide

Review your HTML5 banner creative

Now that you've completed the banner build guide, take a minute to review your files to prevent common mistakes that could delay your campaign.

Make sure your banner creative...

Test your creative locally

It's easy to review your creative locally before uploading it to Studio. Verify that your creative functions properly by interacting with it and checking the logs. By checking these, you can catch errors before submitting to QA, which will ensure that your creative runs smoothly.

Logs are only supported in Google Chrome and may not work in other browsers.

To check logs:

  1. Open your HTML file in a Chrome browser.
  2. Right-click anywhere on the page and click Inspect element.
    This opens the Elements tab.
  3. Click the Console tab.
  4. Interact with the ad.
Function to test What should trace in the Console tab
exits [studio.sdk] enabler.traceMessages.exit:Your exit name
counters [studio.sdk] enabler.traceMessages.counter:Your counter name
starting timers [studio.sdk] enabler.traceMessages.timerStart:Your timer name
stopping timers [studio.sdk] enabler.traceMessages.timerStop:Your timer name

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