Publisher-paid campaigns

In a publisher-paid campaign, the publisher pays the ad serving fees of the placements on their media plan. All publishers are eligible for rich media publisher-paid campaigns.

Key differences for a publisher-paid campaign

  • To accept publisher-paid tags, the publisher must first sign an agreement with Studio. Contact Google at to get started.
  • Campaign Manager users must create a placement in Campaign Manager Trafficking and set the payment source to Publisher. Note that if a publisher has not signed the appropriate agreement yet, the Campaign Manager user will not be able to create publisher-paid placements for the publisher's site.
  • Sites that use Google Ad Manager get tags directly from Ad Manager. All other sites get tags from the Publisher Portal.

Trafficking publisher-paid placements

When a campaign is ready, the trafficker notifies the publisher that the tags are ready. Visit the Campaign Manager Help Center to learn how to traffic publisher-paid placements.

Getting tags

The publisher will receive the notification and must first approve, then download the tags. Learn how to approve and download tags in the Campaign Manager Partner Help Center.

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