Publishers getting started guide

Tagging and technical considerations

As you prepare your site to serve Studio using Google Ad Manager (build creatives in Studio and push them directly from Studio to your Ad Manager network), follow these tagging and technical best practices:

Implement the Studio iframe solution on your site
Many common Rich Media executions require ads to break out of iframes. Studio offers clients an iframe solution that allows ads to break out of a single set of iframes.
Use Google Publisher Tags

If a site uses both site-side iframes and iframe tags (nested iframes), the ad can only break out of one of these sets of iframes. To avoid nested iframes, we recommend that Studio clients use Google Publisher Tags.

Learn more in the Ad Manager Help Center

Set up out-of-page interstitial creatives
Learn more about setting up out-of-page (interstitial) creatives in the Ad Manager Help Center.
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