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Add landing pages and edit custom events

Edit events step of the new creative workflow

Use the Edit Events step of the new creative workflow to manage your custom tracking events after you've uploaded your creative files. On this step, you can manage four types of events: exits, counters, timers, and video events. You can also set which landing page URL to use when a backup image is served instead of your creative.

Events must be previously coded into your creative. For more information, see Add an Exit and Add custom tracking.

Review events

Verify that all the custom event tracking you added in your creative appears on this page. If events are missing or events that you didn't intend show up, revise the creative files and upload them to Studio again.

You can edit, add, and delete events, which are used to gather stats on user interaction with a creative.

  • Exits - Tracks when a user clicks on an object in the creative and proceeds to a landing page URL.
  • Counters - Tracks user interaction with any part of the creative--mouse-over, click, data load, keyboard entry, drag, scroll, etc.
  • Timers - Tracks how long a user interacts with an object in a creative or how long an action lasts in an asset.
  • Video events - By default, Studio counts the number of times a user interacts with buttons, like play and stop. If your creative includes multiple videos, and multiple buttons with the same name, you should give those buttons unique names so you can track their activity separately. To do this, click a link in the Videos tab and type over labels in the button fields to assign distinct names.
Enter landing page URLs for each exit

In the Exits section, find the Destination column and enter a landing page URL for each exit you added to your creative code. You can drag the column divider lines left and right to increase the width of a column to view a particularly long exit name. Select a radio button next to the URL you want to direct people to when the backup image is served.

  1. In the Destination column, hover over "None", then click Edit .
  2. Enter the landing page URL you want to send people to when they click this exit in the creative.
    • URLs must be 1024 characters or less.
    • URLs can't have spaces or non-ASCII characters. If you need to use spaces or non-ASCII characters, encode the URL before you paste it into Studio. How to encode URLs
  3. Click Save.

Add a landing page URL to an exit in Studio

Change event names
You can edit or change the names of the events as they'll appear in reports without making changes to your creative files.
  1. In the Reporting label column, hover over the event reporting label you want to change, then click Edit .
  2. Change the reporting label name to a name that will help you understand which exit the report is referring to.
  3. Click Save.

Edit the reporting label

Next step: Proceed to the Preview step to test that each event is working correctly.

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